Based in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Baru Rubs & Sauces is a local company whose products include a wide variety of seasoning, sauces and condiments. Run by longtime friends, Zeta Newis and Nina Lafleur, the company branched out from their popular Kitsilano neighborhood restaurant, Baru Latino. A labour of love from the get-go, Baru Rubs & Sauces reflects the same celebration of flavours, scents and freshness as the restaurant from which it grew.

The Dry Rub

Smoky and savory, this rub is perfect for all your grilling needs… (try it on popcorn, just trust us).

Le Steak Rub - Baru Rubs & Sauces

Le Steak Rub

Our take on Montreal – style full flavoured rub that adds seasoning and texture to all your grilled foods such as protein and veggies.

Chimichurri Rub

Chimichurri Rub

Add a delicate and flavourful zest to your dishes with this traditional Argentinian Rub.

Chimichurri - Baru Rubs & Sauces


Bright fresh cilantro-forward sauce, pairs amazingly with any protein, or used as a pasta sauce or salad dressing.

Guava BBQ Sauce - Baru Rubs & Salsa

Guava BBQ Sauce

Full flavoured BBQ sauce and marinade with the sweetness of guava with a touch of warmth.

OUCH! Hot Sauce - The Original - Baru Rubs & Sauces

Hot Sauce – The Original

A carrot and ginger based, full bodied and delicious, Caribbean style sauce that goes amazing well with any food you choose!

Hot'R Sauce - Even Hotter

Hot'R Sauce - Even Hotter

Spicier version of the Original, while still maintaining the full bodied flavour. 

Hogo Salsa - Baru Rubs & Sauces

Hogo Salsa

Rich, stewed, wine infused tomato salsa. Great for dipping or as a base for paella, pasta sauce, and soups

Zeta Newis

Zeta Newis


Growing up in a multi-ethnic family where foods from all cultures were celebrated, I gained not just a taste for different foods but the ability to cook them as well. Now married to a restaurateur who loves to entertain, my own family seems a natural extension of my childhood. As a young mother, I had decided that food could be used as a vehicle to learn about, taste, and experience the outside world without leaving home—a philosophy I continue to embrace today.

Nina Lafleur

Nina Lafleur


Despite my deep love of food, cooking didn’t always come naturally to me. In fact, it wasn’t until my restaurateur-husband caught me trying to pass off a prepackaged meal as my own one night that I decided it was time to overcome my fear of cooking once and for all. “I finally realized I was trying too hard to create what I thought I should be cooking, instead of what I enjoyed cooking. That’s when everything changed.”

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