Baru Rubs – Great Tasting and Healthy

Rubs (a mix of spices and herbs) are one of the handiest things to have in your pantry. They can add flavour and body to anything you are cooking: meats, veggies, tofu, fish, eggs, soups, dressings, dips and the list goes on!

They also can be beneficial to your health. A study has shown that spices can entirely eradicate heterocyclic amines (HCAs) in grilled meats. HCAs are carcinogenic compounds formed when flesh (including beef, fish, pork and poultry) are cooked over high temperatures – such as grilling over an open flame or pan-frying. HCAs have been found to cause changes in DNA that may increase the risk of cancer.

They found that in blending black pepper with other aromatics and spices – such as garlic and oregano – they could achieve an appetizing cut of meat while impeding the formation of HCAs.

So why wouldn’t you use rubs?

We have 3 to choose from – all handmade in our restaurant Baru Latino, all low salt and as mentioned – huge potential health benefits! Mix and match to create your own unique taste!

Our rubs can be used numerous ways. The most traditional is patting dry your protein (steak, pork roast, chicken) and coating with your selection of rubs and “massaging” the rub into the protein, let sit a few minutes then drizzle your preferred oil over the meat prior to putting on the grill. OR you can can marinate your protein by placing in a plastic bag or bowl or whatever you prefer, coating with oil and generously adding the rub – let sit over night (or at least an hour or two) to get a more enhanced flavour.

The Dry Rub, with its smoky and slight sweetness (which burns off when cooked) is fantastic on salmon as it won’t overpower it. Popcorn: hot air pop popcorn, drizzle coconut oil over the popped popcorn, sprinkle on The Dry Rub on add a crack of salt to punch up the flavour (I like salty popcorn!) and the finish it off with nutritional yeast. So good and so easy.

Le Steak Rub – A Canadian Classic is a full flavoured rub that adds seasoning and texture to all your grilled, roasted, pan seared and sous vide foods.
Do you Sous Vide? We love Le Steak Rub on our veggies – it REALLY locks in the flavour!

Chimichurri Rub – An Argentinian Savoury Rub adds a delicate and flavourful zest to your dishes with this traditional Argentinian Rub. Use directly on your protein and vegetables, or as a marinade with oil. This is our newest rub and our customers love it because it has a splash of citrus flavour to it, which adds brightness to your meals.


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