Before trying our products – some of our customers ask if they are low in salt. They are! We are sensitive to our customers’ needs and strive to produce healthy products that everyone can enjoy.

There are many people out there who require a low salt diet primarily to avoid high blood pressure which can lead to cardiovascular disease.

But low salt doesn’t have to mean bland taste!

Shown here is a simple pasta dish that we made using our very own Hogo Salsa. Simple, easy to prepare, yet amazingly good and rich with flavour.

Our Hogo Salsa is a slowly stewed, white wine infused sauce that works well as a base for pizza or to add to a soup base to richen up the flavour. In our restaurant, we use it as a dip for our Latin chips and also as a base for our paella.

You can find our Hogo Salsa at Whole Foods Burnaby and other retail locations in the lower mainland.


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