It’s almost spring which means gardening season is upon us!

Last year I made a valiant attempt to grow tomatoes from some heirloom seedlings that were given to me by a kind neighbor. It didn’t go very well. In an effort to be mindful of how much water we use and the ever present water restrictions, I didn’t give the tomatoes what they needed to survive and get growing in the early stages, which is daily watering. Lesson learned. I plan on giving more time and energy to my garden this summer as I truly love the taste of fresh out of the garden veggies and everything you can make with them.

If you love the cold, tomato based soup Gazpacho as much as I do, and aren’t into the gardening thing or can’t wait until your tomatoes are ready to be picked, there is always a short cut. By using our Hogo Salsa as base for the soup, there is no need for waiting for your tomatoes to grow!

Here are a few links that may be helpful getting started on your garden this year:


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