Who We Are

Based in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Baru Rubs & Sauces is a local company whose products include a wide variety of seasoning, sauces and condiments. Run by longtime friends, Zeta Newis and Nina Lafleur, the company branched out from their popular Kitsilano neighborhood restaurant, Baru Latino.

Both Newis and Lafleur were exposed to many different types of ethnic cuisine from the time they were children. Early memories for each are closely tied to food and family gatherings; and both have an unapologetic passion for global fare.

Inspired by Baru Latino’s Latin roots, Baru Rubs & Sauces has used the same South American flavours as a springboard to launch the company, which has since introduced many new products and flavours.

A labour of love from the get-go, Baru Rubs & Sauces reflects the same celebration of flavours, scents and freshness as the restaurant from which it grew. Zeta and Nina believe that fresh, healthy, tasty ingredients, a commitment to their customers, and a sustainable growth model are the keys to success.

Nina LaFleur

Nina LaFleur


Despite my deep love of food, cooking didn’t always come naturally to me. In fact, it wasn’t until my restaurateur-husband caught me trying to pass off a prepackaged meal as my own one night that I decided it was time to overcome my fear of cooking once and for all. “I finally realized I was trying too hard to create what I thought I should be cooking, instead of what I enjoyed cooking.” That’s when everything changed.

For many years now, helping businesses grow has been both my passion and career path. In early 2015 I began to map out a detailed business plan for an exclusive line of rubs and sauces. I approached Zeta, convinced her that we could springboard from their wildly popular Kitsilano restaurant, Baru Latino, and…Voilà! Baru Rubs & Sauces was born.

Today I continue to combine my flair for business management with my insatiable culinary zest—fusing together my two greatest passions each and every day.

Zeta Newis

Zeta Newis


Whoever it was that said ‘a messy kitchen is a sign of happiness’ may very well have known me and my family growing up. I’m a self-taught chef and mother of two; healthy, delicious food is a component of virtually every one of my childhood memories.

Growing up in a multi-ethnic family where foods from all cultures were celebrated, I gained not just a taste for different foods but the ability to cook them as well. Now married to a restaurateur who loves to entertain, my own family seems a natural extension of her childhood. As a young mom, I had decided that food could be used as a vehicle to learn about, taste, and experience the outside world without leaving home—a philosophy I continue to embrace today.

I’m a big believer that you don’t need to give up freshness or healthy ingredients to enjoy and indulge, and practice this philosophy when making dishes for myself & family.

I want to give my family the same culinary experience my parents gave me.


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